Announcing Broadcaster.VC Release Candidate

Back on the 26th of October 2020, the domain was bought and the idea of bringing the capabilities of Broadcaster VC to the industry became a reality. So it's only fitting that a year later, we kick October off by finally launching our Release Candidate of Broadcaster.VC to the general public.

Broadcaster.VC allows video editing professionals to bring remote participants into their workflows using low latency, encrypted and highly accessible technologies for contributors. It uses NDI technology to bring media into pre-existing workflows, by running a local connector to the cloud service within an editing network, and this local connector outputs NDI. In the future we'll also accept NDI input so that professionals can insert a return feed into the video conference.

Thanks to the use of WebRTC within our Cloud platform we're able to keep latency low, as well as removing the media mixing endpoint from the equation when it comes to users of the service talking to one another. We're also able to take as many feeds in from one user as they want; want 2 screen shares of two different applications, 2 cameras and one microphone? Easy. Done. You can't do that with the meeting toolkits like Zoom and Microsoft Teams because they're designed for meetings; they're not designed for getting production grade media from A to B in the best quality possible.

Broadcaster.VC is a Cloud platform with a per seat licensing model. There are 3 tiers available starting at 50 GBP exc VAT per seat. These tiers offer varying codecs, included bandwidth, number of rooms that can be created and more with more coming in the weeks ahead. Pricing can be found at

It would be wrong to launch without some special mentions. We can't thank our beta users enough for their support since opening up testing at the end of December 2020; neither can we thank Meetecho enough for the technical support they've provided and backing the idea from day one. We're aware there may be some niggling issues in this Release Candidate but we wanted to get something out there so that users can play with today and see how it may fit into existing workflows. In recognition of that, we're offering all of our early adopters 1 month free when they use the promo code "EARLYBIRDGETSTHEWORM" at checkout.

We can't wait to see the ways that the Broadcaster.VC platform gets used. Any issues can be referred to us by emailing [email protected].

[email protected] |  +44 (0)20 3026 3291

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