We're changing our name

We're changing our name

We've got some news for you all. Broadcaster.vc is changing its name and that of its operating company. We've been thinking about this for a few months now and now seems to be the perfect time to change our identity before a load of improvements get released in the new year.

Say goodbye to Broadcaster VC Ltd and say hello to Everycast Labs Ltd (everycastlabs.uk) and the product replacing Broadcaster.VC named Broadcast Bridge (broadcastbridge.app)

Broadcast Bridge

Thinking back to when we named Broadcaster.VC what we did... it was ultimately a dumb name but we needed something to start talking about it externally and ultimately needed something to start selling a product and so broadcaster.vc was born.

I've learnt over the past two years that while some of us may think of .vc as a video chat app, most others think of it as venture capitalists (Did you know it's actually the TLD for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ?)  The thought process was semi sensible - a video chat app for broadcasters - "broadcaster.vc". But alas - I'd get asked what the product really did, or I'd be told "Oh I thought you were a VC firm" so the name needed to change!

Broadcast Bridge does exactly what it says on the tin. Its the same product as before but hopefully now when we mention Broadcast Bridge, people will be able to work out roughly what it does without having to ask.

As I mentioned before, the company name has changed too - it's changed from Broadcaster VC Ltd to Everycast Labs Ltd; again hopefully to show that we're a fast moving, dynamic company who are willing to take chances and risks to find the next new technology or application that's going to help our user-base.

Everycast Labs Ltd - because everyone needs a lab or three

Ultimately nothing really changes except we start talking about Broadcast Bridge instead of Broadcaster VC along with all the legal names dotted everywhere and hopefully you'll see more open source projects and products coming out of Everycast Labs.

We've migrated over all of our services to the broadcasterbridge.app domain but we're not quite there with a site for everycastlabs.uk yet - but that's where it'll be; we're proud to be based in the UK and want to show others what we can do.

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